Hutovo blato

Nature Park "Hutovo blato"

On the south of Hercegovina, in tipically karst environment, on the left side of the Neretva river there is unique submediterranean swamp „Hutovo blato“ famous as green oasis with abundance of fresh water in which are very suitable life conditions for lots of bird and animal species. Swamp is also interesting from ornitho-ichthyological, scientific , ecological and touristic aspect.

Hutovo blato is considered as one of the biggest wintering places for birds in the Europe. It belongs to Čapljina and Stolac Municipality and it is spread on hilly, lowland and swamp grounds with elevation altitude from 1 to 432m.

This area is 15km distance from the sea so it is under great influence of mediterranean climate. Because of its importance and natural beauty Hutovo blato is proclaimed as Nature Park in 1995. Flowing into valleys and depressions, karst gulfs and surface waters from nearby areas creates big number of lakes, gully and river Krupa, maintaining high level of underwater. High level of under water influences on apparition of permanent and periodical springheads and wells.